Värmehandtag R&G Premium 22mm

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R&G Racing

Premium Heated Grips 22mm

All new Premium Features: -Heat Setting Memory -Auto Cut-Out -Fully Waterproof -New Grip Design Fitting 22mm (7/8 inch) diameter handlebars/clipons and are 124mm (4.9inches) in length long (the most common grip size for sportbikes, enduros, and scooters). In only 2 minutes the grips heat up to 35°C (95°F) and on those really cold days, increase the heat setting (using the easy to use control box) to get warmth up to a toasty 60°C (140ºF) is only afew taps away! Includes fused, pre-terminated wiring harness for connection to your motorcycle battery or switched live circuit. Note: Maximum power consumption for these heated grips is 4.0 amps per pair (48 watts).



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