ODI Podium Flight MX Styre McGrath

1,179.00 kr

Artikelnr: ODI-H602CFB Kategori:


Similar to Renthal Fatbar 999

Varunr. H602CF

The Podium Flight bar is constructed of a 2014-T6 alloy to provide added strength. Focusing more on racers and those riders looking for the perfect balance between strength and style the Podium Flight has been vigorously tested by top supercross and motocross racers.


  • 1 1/8″ clamp diameter (requires “oversized” triple clamps or bar mounts)
  • Constructed of 2014-T6 alloy for added strength
  • Stealth 2-Toned graphics
  • Knurled left slide helps with grip bar adhesion
  • Includes High density foam bar pad
  • Multiple bend options available, if bend is listed on the application guide, but not on the list below, it is out of stock.
  • blank


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