DEP Avgasrör RAW REW KTM SX65 09-15

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DEP 2 stroke pipes are produced from high quality CR1 grade, mild steel
material. Ranging from 0.9-1.2mm, depending on the model and purpose.
The 2 stroke stampings are produced through our own deep drawer
process, using CNC cylinder mounts, in-house laser cut mounting brackets
and fabricated with high quality TIG and MIG welding. All models are
available in the bare metal factory finish and nickel finish. Our 2 stroke
pipes have been designed to improve performance over the OE pipe with
in-house DYNO and track testing.

During use exhaust systems get hot. To avoid danger of burning, do not
remove or touch until adequate cooling time has been allowed.
2 Stroke Pipes Fitting Instructions
Fit pipe loosely to mounting points – only after fitting silencer should fixings
be tightened. This product is designed only for the machine(s) stated on
the label. Some pipes are produced with flat areas to provide frame,
engine and water hose clearance. Other flats can be added to ensure
adequate clearances. In the event of fitting difficulties, notify supplying
dealer. The dealer or manufacturer can take no responsibility after the pipe
has been run on the machine.

Jetting Instruction
It is advised to run the bike for five minutes under normal riding conditions
and check the spark plug. The spark plug tip colour should be a biscuit
brown, if it is white or black/oily you may need to make some jetting
changes. Contact your local dealer for advice.
Advised jetting changes for this model: Use stock jetting.


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